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About the Arcane Gaming Network
The Arcane Gaming Network was setup in 2003 to build and provide professional websites and free text based online games to the public. The AGN team have helped or created websites for many different online games all over the internet. Below is a list of the projects we have worked on or helped in.

New War Era
NWE is an online text based game created and managed by the Arcane Gaming Network. This was the first ever project from AGN and it is incorporated with your AGNid so as long as you have an account with us you can signup and start playing.
Star Fury
The Arcane Gaming Network created the public layout for the online text based game Star Fury similar to New War Era. This layout was donated to the game at no price as we wanted to show our gratitude for the help they have given us.
Raging Universe
The Arcane Gaming Network totally designed the website for this online text based game, we created the public and in game layout and even helped moderate the game. Because of this game AGN is where it is today.
Esse Solutions
This is a non-game related project created by the Arcane Gaming Network. We designed and programmed this website for an established telecommunications company in the United Kingdom who was more then happy with the site.

Here at AGN we would be more then happy to help you create the game or website of your dreams. All you need to know is what you want and we will be happy to do the rest for a fair but cheap price. We will also be happy to help with the smaller jobs, even if you only want a banner or need help installing a script, no job is too small just submit a query below:

Full Name: Email Address:

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