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About AGN Games
Arcane Gaming Network (AGN) was launched in July 2005. We aim to provide a friendly and reliable gaming network We currently host New War Era (NWE) that is available for you to play Also, our coding and design services for you to set up your own game or website. Feel free to check out all of our availible games or to get a quote on your own online website.

All you need is an AGN ID and you can begin playing, none of the games on our network require any downloads or plug-ins. Once you have created your account, you can begin using our network right away. We also offer premium accounts for users who wish to have more features than the standard (free) account. Those with premium accounts receive the following benefits: advertisement (ad) free service and a specialized AGN E-mail account designated to your account.

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Featured Games:
New War Era
New War Era is an online text based strategy game. Join with your fellow alliance mates to dominate the scores and all who oppose you. The more dangerously you play the more experience you will earn to upgrade your kingdom and give you that boost to become the number one kingdom in the galaxy.

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